What type of Wedding Hair Styles work with a Comb ?

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What type of Wedding Hair Styles work with a Comb ?

Wedding Hair Combs are very versatile and can basically be worked into nearly any up-style, down-styles can be a little trickier but we'll get to that ! Hair Combs can be a great accessory when worn with a veil - they can be placed at the top of the veil to add a decorative finish and then moved around to the side of the hair after the veil comes off.
While hair combs do vary in width, length, material and shape it should be relatively easy to find something special that works with your hair style and your all important gown.
Wedding Day Hair Style Bun Florence Gold Wedding Hair Comb
Combs can either be quite structured in shape and design or more organic in shape with delicate and flexible vine like branches.
Wedding Day Hair Upstyle Poppy Lace Headpiece
Don't rule out custom made pieces, if you happen to have some left-over lace or embellished fabric from your dress this can very simply be incorporated into a headpiece.
Wedding Hair Upstyle Chignon Gold Laurel Diamante Hair Comb
Wedding day hair combs should feel very secure and comfortable and a good hairdresser will make sure it is positioned well.
Bouffant Wedding Day Hair Mimosa Flower Hair Comb
We have put together some contemporary hairstyles alongside some wedding comb styles to give you some inspiration, as if there wasn't enough on Pinterest !
Sleek Down-style Wedding Day Hair Beth Wedding Hair Comb
We hope you found this helpful and as always contact us with any questions or custom made queries.
Low Bun Wedding Day Hair Connie Bridal Hair Comb
Image Credits:
Image 1 Florence Gold Comb https://www.julesbridaljewellery.com/products/handmade-freshwater-pearl-crystal-hair-comb-florence

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