Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Ideas

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Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue Ideas

Carrying on from the old customs of something old, new, borrowed and blue, we would like to share some inspirational ideas which include these traditional aspects but with a modern twist.

The thinking behind the saying is that Something borrowed lets you borrow good wishes from others, blue relates to love, purity and faithfulness. Something Old symbolizes a tie to your root while Something New represents a hopeful future. Something Blue stands for love and fidelity.
Apparently, if you’d like extra luck add a silver sixpence to your shoe.

  • Vintage Wedding Dress
  • Antique Jewellery
  • Old Family Locket
  • Blue Bridesmaids Dress
  • Blue Wedding Shoes
  • Blue Garters
  • New Jewellery with a Touch of Blue Colour
Vintage Wedding Dress for Something Old Blue Wedding Shoes for Something Blue
Blue Stitching on Wedding Dress as Something Blue Jules Bridal Blue Garters for Something Blue

Something Old

To include the something old you could opt for a vintage dress, timeless style and sentiment, and almost borrowed if you disregard the price tag that is. These traditions have become more personal over time with blue stitching added to the bridal gown including the date of the wedding. Or a small locket with family photos attached to your bouquet to include the something old and maybe borrowed tradition. 
Blue Bridesmaids Dress as Something Blue in Weddings Blue Bridesmaids Skirt for Something Blue in Weddings
Old Lockett for Something OldJules Bridal - Marguerite Vintage Style Necklace as Something Old

Something Borrowed

Another way of including something old and borrowed would be to borrow a grandmothers or aunts shawl or scarf for some of the outdoor photos, this adds a very personal touch and maybe even something blue! Another idea could be to wear some antique jewellery pieces from a loved family member. We have so many jewellery pieces that are heirloom worthy, such a lovely idea to have these sentimental accessories and it can be carried forward to the next generation.
Borrowed Scarf as Something Borrowed Blue Bouquet as Something Blue in Weddings
Blue Toppings on Wedding Cake as Something Blue Jules Bridal - Astra, 14K Gold Plated Aquamarine Necklace

Something Blue & Something New

Some other ideas for the something new and blue traditions is opting for some subtle blue elements in the wedding gown, a blue garter, blue shoes a la Carrie Bradshaw, or even a piece of blue jewellery like our Astra 14k Gold Plated Aquamarine Necklace. Or what about a fabulous blue cake ?

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Pooja Verma
Pooja Verma

November 23, 2017

Very Pretty Bridal Outfits and Bridal Jewellery.

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