All About Wedding Insurance in Ireland

wedding insurance in ireland

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy – and meticulous planning. But what happens when unforeseen circumstances threaten to dampen your special day? That's where wedding insurance steps in. Sure, it may not be the detail that anyone wants to discuss, hear or think about, especially when there are wedding cakes to taste and venues to ponder, but when you consider that wedding insurance could be the thing that saves the entire day, everything gets put into perspective fairly quickly.

Keep reading as we explore the best wedding insurance options in Ireland, with valuable insights and tips along the way to ensure peace of mind on your journey to 'I do.'

What exactly does wedding insurance cover?

Like any insurance policy, certain elements of wedding insurance are fairly straightforward: as expected, wedding insurance should cover any issues that arise with your chosen venue, weather-related problems, and vendor no-shows – both before, on and even after the big day.

If your ceremony venue has to cancel out of the blue – say, if it suffers damage from a fire, electrical outage, or is unexpectedly shut down – wedding insurance can help cover the cost of finding a new venue at the last minute. Some policies will also cover the rehearsal dinner site, too: it never hurts to inquire if this is an important part of your big day. Similarly, if your officiant or caterer decides to no-show, or if weather conditions are so bad that you need to cancel or postpone your wedding entirely, wedding insurance can help cover the cost of this (be sure to ask about an extreme weather policy should this be something you're especially worried about).

Not surprisingly, wedding insurance doesn't cover cold feet or a change of heart, your honeymoon, and may not cover watches, jewellery, gemstones or pearls – so if your wedding gown or bridesmaids outfits are heavily embellished, you may want to look into an add-on that does safeguard you against damage.

How far in advance should you obtain wedding insurance?

Securing wedding insurance should be at the top of your priority list as soon as you start planning your big day. In fact, most experts recommend purchasing a policy as soon as you set the date, or at least 12 to 18 months before your wedding. This ensures that you're covered for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the planning process – and not just on the day itself.

That said, even if your wedding is just around the corner, it might not be too late to protect your outlays and safeguard your special day. Each insurance policy is different, and some policies have a clear window for purchase – for instance, at least 15 days and no more than two years in advance – so don't be afraid to ask and shop around once you've decided to insure your wedding.

What to know about insuring a destination wedding

For couples embarking on a romantic adventure overseas or abroad, destination wedding insurance is crucial. It safeguards against unforeseen circumstances – some of which are unique to international celebrations: think travel delays, lost baggage, or specific weather-related concerns depending on your destination.

What to pay for wedding insurance in Ireland

Most wedding insurance policies in Ireland cost between €150 and €300, depending on your policy details and insurance premiums, although some companies will cover a wedding for as little as €50.

Be sure to ask if a policy covers cancellation or rearrangement of the wedding or reception due to accidents; damage to the wedding dress; retaking of wedding photographs; loss of wedding rings; failure to receive or damage to the flowers, cake, or wedding car; personal liability and legal expenses.

As a general rule of thumb, every €50 of wedding insurance offers cancellation cover up to €5,000 (with €100 covering €10,000 and so on). Once you have quotes for your venue, florist, and caterer, you should usually have enough information to form the basis of a suitable insurance quote. Whatever policy you choose, just remember: it's a small price to pay if you need to cancel the big day.

Wedding insurance: yay or nay?

Is wedding insurance worth it? In a word: absolutely! While it's impossible to predict every eventuality, wedding insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind. According to a 2022 survey of over 2,400 couples, 47% admitted that they went over budget – and while spending a little more than expected is one thing, it's another thing entirely to have to spend on things that could have been avoided or covered by insurance.

Investing a few hundred Euros on wedding insurance can help alleviate unexpected costs and allow you to centre your attention on the joyous moments rather than on potential mishaps. Embrace the magic of your celebrations knowing that you're prepared for any unexpected surprises that may come your way.

Now that you've got your wedding insurance sorted, it's time to turn to those special touches that really make your day sparkle. Discover our edit of bridal jewellery and perfect accessories – all designed to enhance your wedding day look and make you look and feel your very best.

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