Top 6 Colour Palettes To Make Summer Weddings Shine In Ireland

Top 6 Colour Palettes To Make Your Summer Wedding Shine In Ireland

Summer is a stunning season for weddings as it brings a relaxing and cheerful spirit. The right colour scheme is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make when organising your wedding. Your choice of palette will set the mood and foster the atmosphere you want for both you and your guests. If you need some inspiration, keep reading for some of our favourite wedding colour themes for summer weddings.

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Classic Irish Colours

Classic Irish Colours Green And Blue For Your Summer Wedding

Jules Bridal Bailie Vibrant Chiffon & Blue Hair ClipJules Bridal Misty Crystal & Green Hair Pin Set

It's impossible to go wrong with green and blue hues for weddings in Ireland. These shades are a representation of Ireland's lush countryside and breathtaking coastline vistas. Your wedding decor will have a sense of place and give your guests an authentic Irish experience if you choose these tones. Green is also the colour that represents "luck". Be sure to incorporate some greenery into your wedding to bring some luck to your marriage. For your bouquet and centrepieces, you can use flowers like hydrangeas and delphiniums to compliment the overall palette. You can also incorporate the colours by choosing headpieces with the same shades. Check out our Ballie Vibrant Blue Chiffon Floral Hair Clip and Misty Crystal & Green Hair Pin Set for some inspiration!

Bright and Bold Colours

Bright and Bold Colour Scheme For Your Summer Wedding

Consider including vivid and bold colours if you want to give your wedding a playful and lively vibe. Pink, yellow, and orange are all wonderful choices that will give your wedding decorations a pop of colour. These palettes will appear fantastic in photographs, bringing even more vibrancy to your wedding album. Not to say these tones will also work very well in floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.

Pastel Shades

Pastel Colour Scheme For Your Summer Wedding

For a more romantic and dreamy atmosphere, consider using soft and delicate colours such as pale pink, lilac, and mint green. These colours are perfect for creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere and will look beautiful in your wedding photos. You can use these shades in your bridesmaids' dresses, table linens, or floral arrangements. Rose Gold Jewellery will work really well with a pastel toned wedding. Find your ideal piece in our Rose Gold Jewellery collection.

Neutral Colour Tone

Jules Bridal Tyra Chiffon & Pearl Hair ClipNatural Colour Tone For Your Summer Wedding

Incorporating neutral colours like white, beige, and grey into your colour scheme is a wonderful choice if you're going for a classic and sophisticated appearance. For a grand summer wedding, these hues will create a polished and refined mood. These palettes will flourish in wedding attires including the groom’s suit. Some of our lovingly made headpieces such as our Tyra Chiffon Floral & Pearl Hair Clip will work just perfect with this wedding palette to add the touch of sophistication.

Earthy & Bohemian Tones

Earthy & Boho Colour Tones For Your Summer Wedding

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Earthy tones lend themselves to boho chic weddings for those free-spirited couples. Draw inspiration from your natural surroundings and select colours to match the beauty of the outdoors - warm putty cream, leaf green, sea blue, dusty pink, rust red and muddy brown. Keeping with these natural tones will give your bohemian wedding a rustic feel and can easily be worked through every element from your wildflower bouquet to the organic paper of your invitations. Discover our Bohemian Jewellery & Headpieces collection for your earthy toned wedding, like the Liana hair vine, a fabulous golden leaf creation and the Carola french-back earrings, for the ultimate boho chic look.

Metallic Colours

Metallic Colours For Your Summer WeddingJules Bridal Silver Sparkling Jewellery For Your Metallic Wedding

Incorporating metallic accent colours into your wedding will set the tone for a glamorous day! Add some glitz with gold or shimmer in silver to ensure a showstopping look. A wedding colour palette of gold and creamy white would work especially well for a castle venue and bring out the regal feel of the theme. Silver is a popular choice for that touch of sparkle but elegance to any wedding, as it works beautifully for bridal jewellery, bridesmaid dresses, and at the same time, complementing grey suits of the groom and groomsmen. Add a classy detailed touch of shimmer by using silver sparkling jewellery such as our Jodie Earrings and Anastasia Silver Bracelet. Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous Bridal Jewellery and Headpieces collections to find the perfect sparkling accessories for yourself and the bridesmaids!

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