6 Ideas To Inspire Your Irish-Themed Wedding

Elements You Should Add To Your Irish-Themed Wedding

Whether you’re celebrating your proud Irish heritage or simply appreciate the culture, there are countless elements you can include in your wedding to bring out the best of Ireland. From traditional Irish music and dance to delicious food and drink, keep reading for 6 ideas on how to make your Irish-themed wedding unique and memorable.

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Play Traditional Irish Music At Your Reception

Traditional Irish music at your wedding reception can give the event a special, authentic flavour. Embrace your descent by hiring an Irish band that specialises in playing tin whistle, Celtic harp or uilleann pipes. These musical instruments are well-known for their distinctive tone and will undoubtedly give your reception some romantic Irish charm. It would also be a good idea to include Irish folk dances like the jig or the reel in your reception as an engaging way to embrace the theme.

Traditional Irish Music By Celtic Harp In Wedding

Choose A Castle, Rural Cottage, or Historic Church As Your Venue

Historic castles, churches and cottages are very popular as wedding venues in Ireland because of their magical and gorgeous settings. No matter what your wedding location is, choose one of them as your wedding venue to immerse in the classic ambience.

A castle can bring sophistication to your wedding with its grand and elegant atmosphere. A rural cottage can provide a sense of home and comfort, which is perfect for a cosy and intimate setting. With its rich history and religious significance, a historic church can add a sense of tradition and reverence to your ceremony.

Choosing A Castle As Your Wedding Venue for Irish-Themed Wedding

Include Irish-Themed Decorations

Add a touch of cultural context to your wedding by incorporating Irish-themed décor. Iconic symbols such as shamrocks, celtic knots and claddagh can be integrated in decorations such as your stationery and your bouquet. The meaning behind the symbols can also give a corresponding significance to your celebrated love. For instance, celtic knots with no beginning and end can signify your never ending love.

Adding Irish Elements Into Your Wedding Decoration

Wear Traditional Irish Clothing or Accessories

Think about including kilts, shawls, and other traditional Irish clothing and accessories in your wedding. Kilts, the recognisable clothing item worn by men in Ireland and Scotland, are available in a wide range of hues and designs and can infuse your wedding wardrobe with a sense of tradition. Shawls, like the Irish Aran sweater, can give your wedding dress a comfortable and fashionable touch.

Accessories items, such as Claddagh rings or any jewellery that has Irish symbols, will give your overall wedding look a refined cultural detail. Our beautiful Maja Hair Clip features two intricate 3 leafed shamrocks that not only adds a cultural touch but also an elegant compliment to your wedding hair style.

Wear Accessories With Irish Shamrocks Jules Bridal Maja In Your Wedding

Wear Irish Shawl On Your Wedding

Incorporate Irish Folklore or Legends Into Your Ceremony

The Irish handfasting ritual is where the phrase “tie the knot” comes from. Incorporating traditional customs or folklore like this into your wedding ceremony can honourably celebrate your Irish roots. The bride can also carry a horseshoe down the aisle to bring good luck to the marriage, then the newlyweds can be led by a ullieann piper out of the church once the ceremony is finished.

Irish Wedding Ritual Handfasting

Serve Irish-Inspired Food and Drinks

Presenting a spread of Irish-inspired dishes and drinks is a fun and delicious way to incorporate your cultural heritage into your wedding celebration. Offering classic dishes such as Irish stew or corned beef and cabbage are always popular in wedding receptions. For drink selections, Irish whiskey and Guinness are must-haves. You could also serve Irish coffee or the minty Irish mojito as a refreshing choice for your guests.

Serving Irish Whiskey In Irish-Themed-Wedding

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