Most Iconic Wedding Gowns of all time.

Wedding dress designs are becoming more sophisticated everyday and you will find uncountable designs on the market today. However the inspiration behind most of these designs is derived from famous wedding dresses in history, which often make a come back for a brief period then give way to other upcoming but related fashion trends. Some of these wedding dresses include:

1. The Grace Kelly Wedding Dress
Grace Kelly was admired by many in the fashion industry because of her unique style. Her wedding was ranked the best of the year in 1956. The wedding dress that Grace wore represented charm and elegance, and to date it is still considered as one of the best wedding dresses of all time. It's features included a silk taffeta, tulle and a sophisticated long lace sleeve. The upper part of the dress was joined to a skirt and under bodice. This design can be applied easily to any wedding dress and is currently displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It's current value is about US$68,000.

2. The Queen Victoria Wedding Dress
Her wedding dress was designed in 1840 by Mrs. Bettans using pure silk satin. The dress was entirely made of British fabrics and took about 8 months to complete. Its train was trimmed with orange blossoms which matched the Queen's orange blossom headdress that was 6 yards long. This design is also still being used by designers all over the world.

3. Princess Diana Wedding Dress
This dress was made in 1981 by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel who specialised in wedding gowns design. It was an elegant piece, uniquely made from romantic ivory silk with an antique lace and 10,000 mother of pearl sequins covering the layers of fabric. It also had a matching train that was 25 foot long. The dress had big puffed sleeves and currently it has been impossible to put a price tag on the dress as its wearer and legendary style are priceless.

4. The Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress
Kate Middleton's wedding was one of the most luxurious of all times and her dress will always be immortalised in the history of fashion. The dress was designed by Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton as an inspired version of Grace Kelly's wedding gown. The bodice was made from an ivory silk, with the low back cut covered by an expensive french lace. This fabulous piece was then finished with a matching veil. It took several months to complete. The laces were a mix of both French and English designs as well as hand stitched pieces. It is valued at about US$400,000.

5. Yumi Katsura's Wedding Dress
Yumi is a Japanese bridal designer and has made wedding gowns for over 650,000 brides around the world. Her White Gold Diamond gown is considered as one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time and it is so expensive that no bride has yet been able to afford it. The dress is made of a five carat white gold diamond as well as 1000 pearls and currently is valued at US$8.5.

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