Top tips to avoid those Bridal Make-up disasters

So, your big day is finally here. Getting prepared for your wedding is now the most important thing on your mind and you wouldn't want to risk looking like a clown. You will be the centre of attention and everyone will want to take your picture or dance with you. Try these simple tips to avoid some of the common bridal make-up mistakes that women make:

1. Prepare your skin
A common mistake many brides make is that they use too little coverage. You should opt for a more matte look for oilier skin types, or a radiant deep finish for the drier skin type. The face must look exquisite and flawless and the skin is the most important element. Also, try to wear slightly more blush than on your usual days, to give you more color balance together with your lips. A little extra blush on the cheeks can do wonders and also highlight your other features, especially your eyes. Try to also consider adding a little bronze glow color to give the skin a sunnier and warmer look.

2. Choose the best lipstick for this special occasion
This is your most important day, so try to pick a special lipstick, with a more radiant color. Most brides say that they prefer a natural look, but try to pick a slightly darker tone of lipstick. It will highlight your facial features and, with the help of a liner or gloss, you will look stellar.

3. Don't forget the eyes
As they say, the eyes are the windows of your soul. And you wouldn't want to show up at your wedding with raccoon eyes. Pick a water resistant mascara, gel eyeliner and a sturdy concealer or advise your make-up artist to. Using waterproof products will help avoid smearing.

4. Highlight the brows
Something peculiar usually happens when taking wedding photos: eyebrows disappear. Avoid this phenomenon by filling them with brow products that have a complimentary color to your skin tone. Use a tone slightly lighter than the hair. Powders are ideal for brows as they are easy and quick to apply.

5. Don't overuse spray tan
Spray tanning is getting more popular than ever. But it is not a great idea for special occasions, such as a wedding. They usually end up being too orange, too dark or too shiny and can also smear, which is a disaster for your wedding gown. If you really want to have a darker skin, opt for a high quality product with a bronze tone, or, better yet, go to a specialized tanning salon prior to your wedding. This will give you a more natural look.


Back soon with some more top tips !

J x

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