5 Imaginative Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding is considered by many couples to be the most important day of their lives, a day when memories and moments will be created and shared that will last for a lifetime. It is surprising, therefore, that a significant number of engaged couples proceed to follow the same old traditions and wedding-day customs as almost everyone else.

Surely the point of a wedding is to celebrate what is unique and magical about the relationship between the bride and groom. One detail that is often overlooked in this regard, is the choice of wedding cake topper, with the popular and commonplace selection being the mini-models of the married couple placed on top of the cake. But if a couple wants to demonstrate something unique and original about their union, then what better way than to forget about the traditional wedding cake topper designs, and instead opt for something altogether more creative.


Let's take a look at 5 imaginative alternatives to traditional wedding cake toppers:

Colorful and visually striking, flowers can certainly create an attractive, natural and organic look that contrasts beautifully with the more artificial elements associated with a wedding cake.


Jewellery is never unfashionable even on a wedding cake. Silver and rhinestone designs are especially pretty as they provide a tasteful and sophisticated gloss while sitting on top of the white icing surface of the cake.


Depending on the couple's background, hobby, occupation or whatever it may be, the cake topper can be cutomised to represent whatever particular feature of their lives they want to see decorating their wedding cake.



For the more mysterious or symbolic gestures of affection, why not have some monograms adorn the top of the cake so that the secret message of love is there in letter form for all to see.


Traditionally associated with birthday cakes, candles can work extremely effectively on wedding cakes too. The light and half-shadow effect reflecting down upon the cake evokes an enchanting and charming glow around both the cake and even the wedding event itself.


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