Top 5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Secrets

Looking your best for your wedding day is also about feeling your best, and with a few beauty tricks, you can go from stressed out “Bridezilla” to serene, stunning bride in no time. Here are top 5 pre-wedding beauty secrets that you can start doing 2 or 3 months in advance, that will have you looking and feeling amazing.


Nail/Toenail Preparation – One important aspect of great looking nails is proper care, so moisturise, apply hand exfoliators, and always rub olive oil or other cuticle oil onto your nails and cuticles. Get them filed correctly, so that you can have the shape that you want, and continue to go for manicures. Exfoliate your feet too and scrub off dead skin cells often. Apply a proper heel balm or other lotion to cracked heels, and also get a weekly pedicure. By the time your wedding comes, your nails and toenails will be in perfect condition so no last minute panic needed!

Skin Preparation – Preparing your skin is also vital. You should follow a good skin care regimen based on the oiliness of your skin. Also apply facial masks and exfoliate even dry skin. About 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding, have a deep cleansing pore facial to get rid of all those impurities that are probably from stress, and then a hydrating and rejuvenating facial a few days before. You can also try an eye contouring treatment to brighten up your eyes. Your skin will look great come wedding day.

Hair Preparation – You want stunning, healthy, gorgeous wedding day hair, so get it trimmed once a month and ensure that it is the right length according to the style you are going for. Get deep conditioning and hair mask treatments regularly. Products are important and when it comes to haircare you do pay what you get for, we love Kerastase for coloured hair.

Self Tan Preparation – The last thing you want is to be an orange-glowing bride or boast a lovely red tinge! Get a good mild spray tan from a professional. Another option for just going a shade or two darker is to use a tinted moisturiser that naturally adapts to your skins natural skin tone. Make sure you prepare your skin well in advance by exfoliating and moisturising well and also look into professional hair removal.

Hair Removal – So for hair removal you will either get a wax, shave or opt for a depilatory cream that causes the hair to fall out from the root. Make sure you do this a week before your big day to give your skin time to calm down. If you have already had laser hair removal book a top up appointment for one month before the day to catch any strays.

With these top 5 pre-wedding beauty secrets, you will be well prepared and look gorgeous on your special day!

Back soon with more top tips !

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