Top 5 Memorable Wedding Ideas

When I got married, I put a great deal of thought not only into the day I was going to have, but also into the day my guests were going to have. Over time I have attended the weddings of many family and friends, so here are my top tips for a wedding you and your guests will remember always;


 1. Make Use of Entertainers in Your Party.
We had a musician who wrote a song especially for our wedding, which was played as we signed the register. The feedback we had from family and friends was amazing, and made both us and him feel very special indeed. Another friend learnt the most incredible dance routine with her partner, and they wowed the guests at the reception during their first dance. Then there was a special gift, coordinated by the family and friends of the bride, where each guest sang a line of the song ‘Perfect Day’ which was edited into a video. These special extra touches added uniqueness to an already memorable day.


 2. Think About the Children.
Children can make or break a wedding, the pressure to behave can prove too much, especially for the younger members of the party. Consider making their own special wedding gift bags with small toys and colouring books to keep them occupied. Both children and parents will love your thoughtfulness, and you are more likely to have a peaceful and happy day.


3. Choose Extra Special Wedding Favours
Wedding favours can be expensive. Simple favours such as sugared almonds wrapped in gauze are time consuming and can still be costly. I was lucky enough to find lovely boxed pen sets at a very reasonable price, and the guests loved the fact that they had a keepsake from the day. Many companies offer personalised wedding chocolates, these can look very pretty on the wedding tables.


 4. Make the Most of Your Photos
Your wedding is one of the few occasions when you are likely to have everyone who is special to you in the same place at the same time. Plan the photographs you would most like to have taken ahead of time and give the photographer a list. Ask the photographer to take natural shots of the guests as they wait to be called for their photos, many of my favourite shots were my bridesmaids laughing and joking when they were unaware the camera was on them.


 5. Save the Best Until Last
If your budget allows, fireworks are a magical way to end the day, they bring your guests together at the end of the evening before going their separate ways. Fireworks ensure your wedding will remain in the memory for many years to come.

Remember, it is your wedding, do it your way. The best memory I have of my wedding does not come from anything I had planned, but from stopping the wedding car at the home of an elderly lady who was too ill to attend. Getting out of the car and walking up the garden path carrying acres of skirt tucked under my arms was all made worthwhile when the lady in question, with tears in her eyes, let out a cry of ‘Oh My Goodness!!! It’s the bride and groom!’

It is a day which passes all too quickly, just occasionally, stop, take a breath and make a mental note of how lucky you are to have such special family and friends to share it with.


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