5 Wedding Colour Palettes to Keep an Eye Out for in 2013

Choosing one's wedding colours are typically one of the most important and first choices a bride makes. When trying to narrow down the endless list of wedding colour palettes it can be helpful to think of your personal style and the vibe that you want to portray. In addition, the time of year and location may play a part in the colours you choose. Below find five popular wedding colour palettes for 2013 that may suit your fancy and help make what can be a very tough decision easier.

1. Pink and Mint Green: The blend of these two colours can be a beautiful mix of masculinity and femininity. It also works very well for outdoor weddings and lush garden scenery.

2. Gray and Blue: The combination of gray and blue is a great way to give off an elegant and vintage feel. This color palette is great for night time weddings and ceremonies set by the ocean.

3. Floral: Choosing the right hues is the key to choosing a floral palette that compliments your style. With nontraditional weddings being all the rage, more and more people are aiming for bold colours and patterns. If that isn't your style, go for light pastels and subtle floral prints for a classy look.

4. Latte Coffee: A coffee brown wedding palette is a great way to add a high level of sophistication to a ceremony. Add plush green hues, natural wood shades or pearly white accents for a classic vibe. Beautiful brown hues are also great for fall weddings and those that take place in the evening.

5. Dusty Vintage Rose Pink: These exuberant shades of pink scream pretty and romantic at the same time. Although some may see pink as cliché, the addition of white, bronze or glittery gold accents can add the right amount of bold sophistication you may be looking for.

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