What type of Wedding Hair Style works with a Headband ?

What type of Wedding Hair Style works with a Headband ?

Well in a nutshell, pretty much any style can work with the right wedding headband. Be it a cropped pixie style or long flowing waves, an adorned headband can be just the perfect touch to finish off your wedding day look.

Wedding Up Hairstyle Zara Wedding Headband

We have choose some contemporary hair styles alongside some beautiful wedding headbands to give you some inspiration as to how both can work together to complete your wedding day look.

Long Wedding Hair Style Maggie Applique Wedding Headband
A great advantage of wearing an adorned headband is that you can see it from almost any angle, this ensures a subtle element of sparkle throughout your wedding photography.
Wedding Hair Upstyle Posy Diamante Wedding Headband
Headbands also frame the face creating a layer of beautiful embellishment between your face and hairstyle, also the perfect option if you opt to wear a birdcage veil as they can very easily be worn together.
Long Hair Down Style Abigail Birdcage Veil and Headband
There are are a few misconceptions about headbands which we thought we would help clear up. Not all headbands are heavy or pinch behind the ears. We use the most comfortably shaped versions which are both light & flexible.
Wedding Hair Style Up Do Marissa Applique Wedding Headband
There is a wide array of finishes to choose from on the actual band itself. It may be covered or adorned how you choose, be it ribbon to match your hair colour, pearls, Swarovski crystal, diamante, appliqué or rhinestones. When it comes to the actual adornment, we have so many choices and pretty much anything can be custom made to coordinate with the fabric or embellishments already on your dress.
Long Down Wedding Hair Style https://www.julesbridaljewellery.com/products/embellished-applique-headband-lauren
We hope this has given you some inspiration !
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