Top tips for choosing your wedding jewellery…

Top tips for choosing your wedding jewellery…

Your choice of accessories has a huge impact on your wedding day look, so take your time choosing your jewellery and hair accessories, you don’t want to rush those finishing touches.

To help you make your choices we have compiled our top five tips to choosing your wedding day jewellery, we hope this helps you make the right decisions…

You must buy your wedding dress first.
Finding accessories that match the dress, is far easier than the reverse. If you choose vintage style jewellery then try to match this to say a 50's style dress, you may find this doesn't suit your body shape, or on the other hand, if you choose very modern jewellery it may be that when you go dress shopping you find that classic dresses are more to your taste! So, first, buy your dress and then go shopping for the accessories.
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Simple is elegant
Pay attention to how the jewellery comes together with the details on your dress. If the wedding dress has an elaborate neckline, go easy on the necklace, or if you want to cover your arms with long sleeves, you don't necessarily need to wear a bracelet. If there is a motif of significant size on the bust, neckline or waist, your jewellery should not clash with it. Creating a simple but elegant look can be tricky, but it can be achieved if you try to focus on what you really need. So, stay away from the temptation to choose more sparkles than is really necessary.

Go for balance
Not every item of jewellery you wear on your wedding day needs to be a statement piece. If your necklace is big and bold wear small studs or leave out earrings entirely. Likewise, if your dress features a beaded sash or waistband, go easy with the bling in your necklace.
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Match your metal to your dress
When choosing jewellery, you have three main choices when it comes to metals: white, gold or pink/rose and each of these compliments specific dress colours. White metals like silver, palladium, platinum and white gold look good with brilliant white dresses, yellow gold looks better with cream hues and pink or rose gold goes with white and silver.
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Think beyond the wedding ceremony
Unlike your wedding dress, you can get more than just one use out of your wedding jewellery, so make sure you keep this factor in mind when you choose your accessories. This makes it worthwhile to spend a little more on your jewellery than you had initially planned. Rather than choose items that are suitable just for the big day, or tie with your wedding theme, invest in jewellery that you like, and can see yourself wearing again in the future, either on a daily basis or for special occasions. If there is a gemstone that you're fond of or certain designs that you have fallen in love with, this may be the time to seriously consider buying it. This could even be your something new or an heirloom you pass down to your own daughter on her wedding day.
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It is absolutely essential that you try on your wedding jewellery, along with your wedding dress, shoes etc, prior to your wedding day. You can take your accessories with you to your final dress fitting appointment when you will be trying on your wedding dress anyway, so there's no unnecessary handling of the dress. If you can also manage to do your hair in the style that you will be wearing on your wedding day, you will have a great overall idea of how you will look on your big day.
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