Top Hairstyles for 2023 Brides in Ireland

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles for 2023 Brides in Ireland

Should you wear your hair up or down? What about waves or a sleek bun? Should you be relying on the internet for hair inspiration? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice? If this sounds like you then we have whittled down the current top bridal hair trends to the final 6 so that you can choose the perfect wedding day hairstyle. Once you’ve selected the perfect look, you can work with a professional hairstylist to bring your vision to life.
Bride Hairstyles 2020

Style #1: The Hollywood Wave

This look is really glamorous and glossy. A flashback to the movie stars of the thirties and forties. It's a great option for the brides who want to leave their hair down but still want it to feel different and really special. A classic every single year, but it looks so good on literally everyone.
Bride Hairstyles 2020

Style #2: Textured Updo

Perfect for brides who want to have their hair up but want a relaxed look. It's textured, soft and has natural-looking volume. To achieve this look it's vital that your hair has some subtle highlights and plenty of layers. 
Our delicate Posie Pin Set is perfect for a wedding up-do, either on the side or on top of the bun.
The textured up-do hairstyle for brides
The textured up-do hairstyle with Jules Bridal Posie Hair Pin Set

Style #3: Half Up-Do

A timeless style that looks good all year round, half-up-half-down hair is perfect for the bride who normally loves to wear her hair down but still wants to show off her face and have a slightly different style from their everyday look. It's pretty, simple and works with most hair types and wedding dresses. 
A bridal hair comb or a set of beautiful pins like our Leslee Pins can take your half up-do to another level of elegance.
Half Up-Do hairstyle for brides with Jules Bridal Leslee Hair Pin Set

Style #4: The Bun

A low bun at the nape of the neck, a messy bun, a top knot or a classic ballerina, the bun is a versatile choice with options to suit every face shape and dress style. So whether you want to go for a classic sleek finish or a boho vibe the bun can suit any occasion.
Bride Hairstyles 2020 - 5
The Bun hairstyle for brides

Style #5: Braids

Introducing braids into wedding hair instantly adds a relaxed element to the overall style. Braids are always a favourite at weddings, and there is a wide choice of variations on the milkmaid braids that can be incorporated into an updo, compliment a half-up style or even the ponytail.
Bride Hairstyles 2020 - 6
The Braid Up-do hairstyles for brides

Style #6: The Ponytail

This look is perfect for those hip "anti-brides". The ones who want to feel and look like themselves and not conform to traditional bridal styling. If you do want to feel a little more "done" then you can add some extra volume at the crown or slicked-back sides.
Bride Hairstyles 2020 - 7
Armed with all the info you can go ahead and select the hair option that best reflects you and your own unique style. All you need now is to pair it with the appropriate accessories to finish off your bridal look, ready for the big day to come around. Come and take a look at our online store to view a wide range of hair combs, hair vines, veils, earrings, necklaces and much, much more.
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