Should you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day?

Should you wear your hair up or down on your wedding day?

Are you trying to make your mind up whether to wear your hair up or down on your wedding day? Brides often face this dilemma, so start by asking yourself…

How do you usually wear your hair?
Are you more comfortable with it up or down?
What style of dress are you wearing?

The answers to these will give you an idea of what you should wear your hair - up or down and no matter which suits you best there are lots of options to add a little bit of wedding glitz to your “do”…
Bride with hair down

For many brides, their reason for wanting to wear their hair up is that it was more like their everyday style and they wanted their guests and their husband to be to see them as themselves and not overly styled, for others it can often be because it feels easier – once it’s up, its up, and there’s no further maintenance required throughout the day. You can also tie in your up-do with the rest of your ensemble with a pretty hair clip or headpiece like the Lynette show below.

Many brides with the lustrous locks want them to be part of their wedding styling, and choose to keep their hair down and rightly so, also Brides who prefer to wear their hair down tend to be girls who always wear their hair down – bottom line, they feel the foremost comfortable, beautiful and assured with their hair down. If you make this choice you can add some 20’s style art deco glamour with our Abigails, Birdcage Veil & Headband. This is the perfect alternative to the traditional tiara for brides searching for an unusual and bold hair accessory, and the birdcage veil can be made as a detachable piece.
Abigails Headband & veil
There are always ‘half-up’ options too, which may be a good way to keep your hair away from your face, while still showing the length of your tresses, this is often popular with brides who are torn between up or down.
Bride Hair Down

Some brides choose to begin the day with their hair up, then have their hairstylist transform them in time to meet their evening guests with their hair down. If you have the time and also the budget to accommodate this, then it may be really nice surprise for your groom).

The dress also plays an element a choice when deciding how your hair should be worn – if you would like to make a point off showing of a specific detail of the back or shoulders then that may be the biggest factor in your decision. Bridal boutiques can give great advice during bridal gown fittings – and you’ll get a feeling of what looks better with certain dresses as you are trying on various styles.

You will want to look back on your day and remember it as the most wonderful experience, knowing that everything was perfect for you. So, follow your heart and trust your own sense of personal style you’ll feel the happiest you’ve ever felt.
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