The One Guide You Need on Gift-Giving Etiquette in Irish Weddings

Unwrapping the Meaning of Irish Wedding Gift-giving Etiquette

Picture yourself standing in the midst of a lively Irish wedding, surrounded by laughter and heartfelt toasts. As you hand over your gift, you suddenly feel a pang of fear: what if your offering doesn’t meet the expectations of the rich cultural customs of the Emerald Isle? Worry not, dear reader! We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the intricate world of gift-giving etiquette at Irish weddings, ensuring you’re well-prepared to select the perfect present. From the meaningful mementos for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride to the thoughtful tokens exchanged between family and friends, you’ll soon be confident in your understanding of this age-old tradition, allowing you to fully embrace the joy and warmth of the Irish wedding experience.

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Gifts To Bridesmaids From Brides

In Ireland, it is usual for the bride to present her bridesmaids with gifts as a way of saying thanks for their friendship and support. Jewellery, hair accessories, customised products, and spa services are common offerings. These presents serve as both an expression of gratitude and a keepsake for the bridesmaids to preserve as a reminder of the memorable day. Our delicate Ariel Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings & Necklace Set and Jenna Sparkling Crystal Earrings are just perfect gifts for your bridesmaids.

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Gifts From Bridesmaids To The Bride

One of the most beloved wedding gift-giving customs in Ireland is the tradition of bridesmaids presenting the bride with a meaningful present before the big day. It can range from practical items that will come in handy in the ceremony to sentimental mementos that the bride can treasure for years to come. A classic example of a gift from bridesmaids is the wedding garters, which are traditionally worn just above the knee for the groom to take off and toss in the wedding. Selections in Jules' beautiful bridal garter selections, such as our Astrilde Feather Sequin Lace Garter Set and Dordi Vintage Inspired Pearl Beaded Lace Garter Set are the most ideal gift options for brides to wear on the big day.

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Gifts To The Mother Of The Bride

Another tradition is for the bride to give a present to her mother to show their appreciation. This present is usually given to thank the moms for their affection and assistance with the wedding preparations. Flowers, jewellery, and personalised items are typical presents for Irish mothers of the brides and are given as a passionate expression of love and appreciation. Jules’ Mother Of The Bride Jewellery Collection is where you will find the most stunning piece for your mother. Jewellery like our Alisha Teardrop Pearl Silver Earrings and Elsa Emerald Cut Sparkling Jewellery Set are very popular choices to get for your mum. Don’t forget to also get your mum a nice piece of hair adornment such as our Malvina Leaf Crystal Hair Comb with Pearls in Gold, to go with her gorgeous jewellery and gown. See our top selections now at our collection

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Wedding Favours From The Couple To Wedding Guests

It is common to thank wedding guests for attending the celebration with a modest gift or favour. These presents could be confections or chocolates, tiny whisky or gin bottles, or other mementos of the couple's memorable day. Such expressions of thanks also serve as reminders of the couple's pleasure for the company and best wishes of their guests. If you need some ideas, check out our 10 Amazing Wedding Favours In Ireland.

Irish Gin as wedding favours to give to wedding guestsChocolates as wedding favours to give to your wedding guests

Wedding Gifts From Guests To The Couple

Wedding guests customarily present the newlyweds with gifts, which can range from cash donations to furniture or sentimental keepsakes. To embrace the rich Irish heritage, a lot of guests may present the couple with some traditional Irish wedding gifts that helps to reinforce the meaning behind. These gifts are a symbol of the support and blessings visitors have for the couple as they embark on their life together.

Champaign Glasses as a wedding gift to the newlyweds

Gifts to the Groomsmen from the Groom

Showing your appreciation for your groomsmen on your wedding day is a lovely gesture by the groom. Sentimental gifts such as cufflinks or a hipflask (already filled with whisky!), engraved with a personal message can be given as keepsakes. Cigars can be a classy gift to give and also provide an opportunity to spend some private time with your best pals. Why not add a bit of humour to the traditional gift giving and give your groomsmen matching brightly coloured socks or super cool sunglasses - look fabulous in those photographs as well!

Cufflinks as gifts from the Groom to the groomsmen

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to spend for a wedding gift in Ireland?

There isn’t a standard amount to be spent for a wedding gift. It depends on the relationship between the wedding guest who will be presenting the gift and the newlyweds. Generally if you are a family member of the couple or a close friend, you would want to give them a wedding gift that is worth more in order to express your support and blessings.

What is the average amount to spend on a wedding gift in Ireland?

It ranges from €50 to €200 depending on your relationship with the couple.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift or cash donation if you are not attending the wedding in Ireland?

Traditionally, in Ireland if you are not attending the wedding, you should send a gift or cash donation that is worth enough to cover the cost of your meal at the wedding reception.

What is the customary way of presenting cash as a wedding gift in Ireland?

As a wedding gift etiquette, put the cash together with a card or a note that expresses your blessing into an envelope and bring it to the wedding if you would like to give the couple cash donations.

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