Expert Tips from Bridal Hair Stylist Lorraine Browne

Expert Tips from Bridal Hair Stylist Lorraine Browne

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of bridal hairstyling as we sit down with acclaimed bridal hair stylist Lorraine Browne. With her years of experience and passion for creating unforgettable looks, Lorraine has become a go-to expert for brides seeking that perfect hairstyle on their special day. In this exclusive interview, she shares her journey in the hairdressing industry, her approach to creating memorable wedding hairstyles, and valuable tips for brides-to-be.

Lorraine Browne bridal hair stylist

Can you tell me about your background and experience as a bridal hair stylist?

I have always loved looking after a bride’s hair on their wedding day. My career in hairdressing started as a Saturday girl in a salon group in the north-west of England. I completed my apprenticeship and worked my way up the ranks in the salon to Salon Manager and Trainer in the Training School.

When I moved to Ireland, I worked in Dylan Bradshaw’s in Dublin and then I was a Technical Trainer for Wella for nearly 10 years.

I’ve worked in all aspects of the hairdressing industry - even in film, TV and theatre. And I really enjoy being part of someone's special day. You can be very creative with bridal hair but the very best part is down to meeting great people, on a happy day! I love my job!

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What’s the most memorable wedding hairstyle you’ve ever created, and what made it special?

I treat everyone like a celebrity on their wedding day. I think trends come and go, but it’s the people that stay true to their own style on the wedding day, and that look is always the best!

I love seeing other people's cultures and traditions and hearing all the romantic stories.

What’s best; bridal hair up or down?

The best way to wear your hair is simply choose what flatters your dress the best and how you feel; if you feel confident with your hair down, wear it down or if you prefer it up, wear it up!

The goal on your wedding day is to look and feel the best version of yourself - it’s ok to step outside your comfort zone, but not too far that you won’t feel confident on your wedding day.

There’s no magic equation for the perfect look; it really does depend on how good it makes you feel!

Also remember, bridal hair has to last all day and all night. I know lots of tips and tricks to make this happen, using the right products and hair tools and having time to let the style set. Also, I will know during the trial, before the wedding, if the style won’t suit the bride or last throughout the day and night and I would be completely honest and discuss an alternative look.

I love to create vintage-retro looks too as it can be quite technical - there are no shortcuts to creating a lasting Hollywood wave or victory rolls in the hair!

The best wedding hair style

How long does it take to do bridal hair on the wedding day?

Timing totally depends on the look you want to create but here is a rough guide:

Time on the wedding morning flies - I usually allow 45 minutes per person and factor in a spare 45 minutes so the morning is relaxed. Some people may take less time depending on their hair type but a wedding morning is all about keeping relaxed and the morning flowing.

I always recommend hair and make up to be finished one hour before you leave for your ceremony. This hour is when you get dressed. The Photographer gets some lovely portrait pictures and you have a few moments for a glass of bubbles or deep breaths before you leave for the ceremony.

If it’s a large bridal party I would bring an assistant so we can start at a normal time.

My top tip is try not to micromanage the timeline on the morning. Leave that to me and your make up team. We will always have you ready on time.

I would have everyone arrive at the same time-ish so you can enjoy getting ready together.

Celebrity bride hair style

If you could style the hair of any celebrity bride, who would it be and why?

I like that I don’t have a niche bridal look. I love the variety and personalisations of bridal hair - I just want to keep the brides personal style and elevate it!

I love hair to look strong, healthy and glossy, like Sophie Habboo at her recent London Wedding - I love her soft polished loose vibe.

Sophie Habboo wedding day hair
Image: Sophie Habboo/Instagram

When is the best time for brides to do hair trial?

I recommend a bridal trial a few months before the wedding. This way they can advise on any haircare or colour changes and if you need to grow your hair or source some clip-in extensions, there is time. I would also help by advising good products, specifically prescribed for their hair.

Ponytail wedding day hair style
Vintage Style Pony Tail, Location - Kilkea Castle, Hair by Lorraine Browne, Make up by Judy Wong, Photo by Elaine Barker

If you could give one piece of hair-related advice to brides-to-be, what would it be?

Be true to your own style!

Wedding day hair advice by Lorraine Browne

Thank you, Lorraine!

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