The Bride's Guide to Makeup Prices in Ireland

The Bride's Guide to Makeup Prices in Ireland

But besides simply deciding what lip colour you’d like, or how closely you’d like your bridesmaids’ makeup to match yours, the most important question you’ll need to answer is: how much should it cost, and who should foot the bill? Keep reading as we delve into the world of bridal makeup prices in Ireland.

Who should pay for bridal makeup?

Image showing bridal makeup look, crafted specifically for an Irish wedding

Traditionally, the bride is responsible for paying for her own makeup. After all, it is her special day, and she deserves to be the star of the show (not to mention the big boss of the day). However, the bride might also choose to pay for her bridesmaids’ makeup, or other members of the bridal party, too – either as a token of appreciation for their support or so she can have a say in the look they go for.

How much should bridal makeup cost?

the average cost of bridal makeup in Ireland

When it comes to bridal makeup prices in Ireland, as with anything, it's all about striking a balance between quality and affordability. While some brides opt to do their own makeup to save a few pennies, professional bridal makeup can truly elevate your look to new heights – especially if you’re thinking of trying something you don’t normally do: liquid eyeliner, for instance, or a bold lip.

On average, professional bridal makeup ranges from around €150 to €300 per person in Ireland. Bear in mind, however, that prices can vary depending on the artist's experience, your wedding location (if your makeup artist has to travel to a remote village, for instance, your overall bridal makeup costs will be more expensive than if you’re getting married in the biggest hotel in town), and the complexity of your desired look.

As a general guideline, professional bridal makeup prices in Ireland should be budgeted at around 10% of your overall wedding cost. Of course, if you choose to cover the cost of your bridesmaids’ or bridal party’s makeup, this will increase things significantly: the average cost per person for bridal party makeup typically ranges from €80 to €150. Be sure to factor in the number of bridesmaids, though, and if you have more than two bridesmaids, definitely speak to the makeup artist in advance about how long they will need for each person. On average, each makeup application can take up to an hour, so plan accordingly so that no one’s makeup is rushed or completely melted by the time you make your way down the aisle.

Booking in the trial run

A trial bridal makeup session

It goes without saying that a trial run is always a good idea. Most makeup artists charge approximately half of the actual wedding day price, but beyond the discounted rate, it’s the best time and way to discuss, in a relaxed environment, what makeup looks you like and what your vision is for the big day.

What’s more, the trial run is the perfect time to ensure your wedding day jewelry will work with your makeup. So while the makeup artist will provide a wide array of compacts, brushes, palettes and tools, don’t forget to bring your jewellery.

With the right accessories, you can elevate your look from beautiful to breathtaking. Think of the glittering earrings that add a sparkle to your eyes, the necklace that accentuates your glowing face, or the bracelet that adds an extra touch of elegance to your gestures.

At Jules Bridal, we are passionate about helping brides like you find those perfect pieces that add a dash of magic to their wedding look. Explore our stunning array of bridal jewellery and discover how the perfect accessories can take your wedding day aesthetic to an entirely new level.

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