Top 5 Bridal/Wedding Hairstyles for 2013

Top 5 Bridal/Wedding Hairstyles for 2013.

Dressing up for a wedding can be stressful as you have to consider a million and one factors, especially with weather factors like humidity, the amount you'll be running around or dancing your feet off. Your hairstyle will be the first to take a beating. Listed below are the trend-setting bridal wedding hairstyles of 2013, which are not only simple but gorgeous and will be worthy of the effort for the day and the everlasting photographs and videos.

1. The Waterfall Braid
Braids are doing the rounds this year and are only zipping around faster with no signs of slowing down. The waterfall braid plays a dual role pleasing both a boho and a chic bride. Apart from the sultry waves and braids, you could insert a brooch where the braid ends matching your bridal jewellery. Our Nadine Hairclip fits the bill perfectly (last image).

  Nadine HAirclip

2. The Ballerina/Chestnut Bun
Either of these buns which are extremely simple to do up yourself, are a very classy look. The ballerina bun could be a little messy for the boho look and the chestnut could be elegant by being done extremely tightly and neatly. For the bejewelled look, the bun itself could be wrapped in beaded bandeau. Our Marina-B Pearl Hairdrape (recently featured in Elle) is very versatile in this regard and is perfect for adorning a bun.


3.The Fishtail Braid
This style again a braid, seems to be heading up the popularity ladder. The key is to make sure you can loosen it up. It has both versions of being let low or as an updo. Each of the segregations of the braid could be adorned with jewelled hair pins. Our floral Alyson Hairclip is available in a single and double version, mix and match for an individual look.

4. The Chignon Bun
This classic look has made a tremendous comeback and looks like it is here to stay. The chignon bun screams sophistication which can also be substituted with the chignon side braid. This style could be supported by a bando or even a large flower clip on the side. Our sparkling Jessica hairclip could be just the ticket !
 Jessica Hairclip 

5. The Vintage Look
Pin curls and victory rolls, the vintage look will never get old. What is best about is add-on jewellery suits this best, be it an Alice band or beautiful clips and pins. Our Trish Feather clip would look perfect tucked in between cascading curls.

If you are getting married, or are a bridesmaid or just a guest at the wedding, pick one of these and you can never go wrong. Do not forget to try them on your own before the event and even create the perfect mash-up suitable to the wedding theme and your hair type.

Back next week with our Top 5 Grooms Gifts ! Yes can't forget about him !

Julie xx

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