Capturing Forever: Wedding Videography in Ireland 

Professional wedding videographer in Ireland

Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration of love, and as the months of planning and preparation unfold, the question of how to capture and immortalise these moments on film will begin to rise. Enter the world of wedding videography – the art of preserving the essence of your special day for eternity. If you're wondering about the cost, worth, and logistics of hiring a wedding videographer in Ireland, allow us to be your guide through this enchanting journey.

But first: is a videographer a must? In a word: absolutely. Your wedding day unfolds in a whirlwind of emotions, and there are countless fleeting moments that you may not even notice amidst all the excitement. A skilled wedding videographer artfully captures these candid instances, allowing you to relive the laughter, tears, and vows time and again. A wedding videographer adds a unique dimension to your memories, elevating your cherished memories and evoking the joy and romance of your special day.

How much should a wedding videographer cost?

The cost of hiring a wedding videographer in Ireland varies depending on their experience, how long you expect them to be on site on the big day, and their package offerings (do you want a single wedding video or do you want shorter edits too? How many rounds of edits do you want to be able to make? Any specific file sizes or outputs you require?).

On average, you can expect to invest anywhere between €1,500 to €3,500 for a reputable wedding videographer in Ireland. Remember, this price is more than monetary: it’s an investment in treasured memories that you and your loved ones can cherish for generations to come.

Do you need to hire a videographer for the whole day?

The number of hours you require for videography largely depends on your wedding schedule and personal preferences. Typically, most couples opt for videography coverage of around eight to 10 hours, in order to include pre-ceremony preparations, the ceremony itself, the reception, and some of the post-ceremony reception or celebrations. However, some couples may choose to extend this coverage to capture additional events or intimate moments leading up to the big day—particularly if there is an extensive pre-wedding schedule that includes a rehearsal dinner or the arrival of out-of-town guests, for instance.

videographer captures the special moments during wedding day

If you want extensive coverage of both the bride and groom getting ready, or if you have an especially large bridal party (with more than four or five bridesmaids or groomsmen), you might also want to request two videographers. While it's not a necessity, having two camera operators can offer a more comprehensive perspective of your wedding day, as they can capture multiple angles simultaneously, ensuring no precious moments are missed.

The final output: what to expect or ask for

Professional wedding video editor can enhance clips from the wedding day

In this day and age of social media, you may not just want a full length video for your personal archive; you may also want 10- to 15-second edits that you can post to Instagram Stories without jarring cuts. In general, what to expect from your wedding videographer depends on the packages they offer, their editing ability, and your requested outputs.

A professionally crafted wedding video can run for up to 30 minutes, capturing everything from the moment a button is done up or the clasp of a necklace fastened to poetry readings and key speeches during the reception—and all with seamless storytelling. Some couples may also opt for a longer, more comprehensive edit, running up to 60 minutes or more, preserving every precious detail of their celebration, while edits that feature the highlights of the big day tend to land at three to five minutes long.

If you’re not entirely sure what you want (or not confident you won’t change your mind down the line), you might consider purchasing the raw footage from your wedding videographer. In Ireland, the cost of this can vary from one videographer to another—some may include it as part of their packages, while others may offer it as an add-on service—but having it in your possession going forward allows you to preserve all the unedited footage from your special day whilst also giving you the flexibility to revisit your wedding video edit down the line. In general, if it's not included in your wedding videographer’s package, the raw footage from your big day should cost no more than €500.

Wedding videography is a beautiful way to capture the magic of your wedding day, and it's a worthy investment that brings your cherished memories to life and allows you to relive the love and joy whenever your heart desires.

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