Wedding Traditions Explained...

Wedding Traditions Explained...

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning your wedding, it’s guaranteed that you have been told of some traditions and superstitions that have been passed along through the family that the happy couple must integrate into their big day. But what do they all mean?

We’ve explained a few of the most common here, but as with all things related to your wedding day, pick and choose what you see fit and suit your own style - your wedding day should be unique as you, put your own spin on it…

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”
This comes from an old Victorian rhyme, with the old being a link with the bride’s family (often a piece of family jewellery, the new representing good fortune and success in the bride’s new life. The wedding dress is most commonly the new item, or perhaps the bride’s shoes, with something borrowed is a reminder that family and friends will be there for the bride when help is needed. Something blue represents faithfulness and loyalty.
Something Blue Wedding Dress

“Silver Sixpence in your Shoe”
The bride having a silver sixpence placed in her shoe by her father was thought to bring the new couple wealth and happiness during their life together.

The Bride Stands to the Left of her Groom
Traditionally, the bride stands to the left of the groom for protection! The grooms left hand would be free to hold his bride, as he would wield his sword in his right hand should anyone come forward to steal his wife to be - which apparently would often happen, and usually, the thief in question would be a member of the brides family!!

Throwing the Bouquet?
Despite what we have been led to believe, traditionally the bouquet wasn’t carried down the aisle to look pretty, but to mask the bride’s body odour!! And was often made up of herbs and garlic… The traditional of actually throwing stems back to 14th century France, where the groom would throw the bride’s garter into the crowd, but this quickly emerged as the more civilised alternative of throwing a bouquet and it was thought that whoever caught the bouquet would be next to be married.
Bride and Groom on their Wedding day

Giving Out Favours?
Most commonly, five almonds signifying five wishes of health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity were given to each wedding guest, nowadays however, most couple's leave a little gift of chocolate or alcohol at the place setting for each guest.

Throwing Confetti?
Throwing confetti at a newly married couple is meant to encourage fertility, traditionally rice was used but the Victorians started to use shredded paper instead. Today, biodegradable confetti is available and becoming more and more popular as couples look towards sustainability in the wedding planning.
Wedding Party Guests

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold?
This stems from a time when it was thought that a new bride would carry in evil spirits on the soles of her feet, so her groom carrying her over the threshold would chase the spirits away!

Remember, you don’t have to include all (or any!) of these traditions, just pick the ones you like and do them well.

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