Spring Wedding Hair Up-style Inspiration 2018

Spring Wedding Hair Up-style Inspiration 2018

It is the perfect time of year to think about an up-style for your wedding, with so many styles to choose from you are sure to find something that really accentuates your face shape and dress style. 
Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017 Anita Gold Headpiece
Whether it be a braid, messy up-do, a sleek bun or soft loose curls, up-styles are a wonderful choice. With so much to offer we suggest bringing all of your ideas and maybe some images to your selected hair stylist.
Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017 Lorna Hair Vine
One of the biggest advantages to having your hair up is knowing that your hair will stay in place and give definition and depth to your make-up. We adore loose curled tendrils of hair gently flowing down, they look so delicate throughout wedding photos, creating a relaxed but elegant appearance.
Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017 Marina B Headpiece
The main advantage of a sleek styled bun or chignon is how perfect the hair looks, in place and structured so no worries with fixing your hair throughout the day. They are stylish and timeless. 
Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017 Zara Headpiece
Braids have become very popular, hair braided across the front of the head creating a hair crown, or loose styles with a side braid to add some definition to the hair style. Accessorise your braid with a super flexible hair vine, worn to the side, back or over the crown of the head, such beautiful accompaniments for any up-style. 
Camomile Headpiece Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017
Messy up-styles look so undone in a very boho way. Not for everyone so try to stay within your own personal style for the day and also take the dress style into account so the overall look works well together.
Anita Headpiece Wedding Hair Up-styles 2017
As always we wish you all the best especially in your hair endeavours! 

Image Credits:

Image 1 Blonde Hair Grey Top

Image 2 Red Hair with Anita Hair Drape

Image 3 Bride In The Woods

Image 4 Brunette Wearing Lorna Hair Vine

Image 5 Blonde Hair Side Plait 

Image 6 Blonde Hair Marina B Headpiece

Image 7 Brown Hair Side Bun

Image 8 Zara Headpiece 

Image 9 Blonde Hair Plait Camomile Headpiece

Image 10 Blonde Hair Updo Crown

Image 11 Blonde Hair Anita Drape

Image 12 Sleek Blonde Hair Updo


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