So which Bridal Earrings will suit your Wedding Day Hairstyle?

So which Bridal Earrings will suit your Wedding Day Hairstyle?

We are asked so often for advice on what type of earrings to wear on your wedding day, so we thought we would share a few nuggets of advice from our many years of experience consulting with Brides in the run up to their big day!

So firstly your hair length can really help decide what style of earring to wear.

If you have short to shoulder length hair or are wearing your hair in a quite structured up-style, then a stud type wedding earring would be a good place to start for you. If your hair is long, curly or full of volume and you are wearing it down then a drop statement wedding earring could be perfect, it won't get hidden behind your hair and still won't look over obvious either. Accessories should always compliment your gown, not take over!

Elsa, Emerald cut Earrings
Elsa, Emerald cut Earrings
Carita Gold Pearl & Crystal Floral Earrings
Carita, Gold Pearl & Crystal Floral Earrings

Here's a few side by side shots to show you how both look and how you can expect them to look in your own wedding photos.

One of the most important things to remember if you have short hair is that you are definitely not limited with your hairstyle, there are many options for brides with shorter hair. Whether it be a creating volume on top to showcase your fringe or vintage style do, a side wave curled away from your face to give an elegant and contemporary look. Or perhaps how about a braid worked into the top or side to give a playful and stylish look?

There is a misconception that stud earrings are generally small and muted and this really doesn't have to be the case.

We have several Swarovski crystal stud style earrings that are far from boring and still catch the light but in an understated way. You can frame your face with a glamorously vintage styled stud as an elegant finishing touch.

In our experience, we find that a birdcage style veil can work so well with a shorter hair style, they just seem to sit really well around the hair. Perfect if you're not sold on wearing a full on traditional veil and would like to incorporate a little individuality into your look. We also recommend speaking to your hairstylist about style ideas that will last the day.

Alina Silvertone Crystal Drop Earrings
Alina, Silver Crystal Earrings
Bella Old Hollywood Crystal Earrings
Bella, crystal stud Earrings
Liliane Petal Style Pearl Earrings
Liliane, Pearl Earrings
judy Pearl & Crystal Drop Earrings
Judy, Pearl Earrings

Longer hair or curly hair with volume:

The key thing to remember for brides wearing their hair down is that if you want your bridal earrings to be seen in pictures and make a statement we would recommend a longer or more substantial size wedding earring. Statement earrings can be such a great accessory particularly for your evening reception as you glide throughout your wedding reception among your guests.

There are so many fabulous wedding drop earrings to choose from. Depending on your bridal style you could opt for a romantic chandelier style earringset with dozens of sparkling Swarovski crystals or a less sparkly affair altogether and with more of a vintage style look. We just love an Art Deco style earring particularly for brides who have fallen in love with a Roaring Twenties style dress.

For the Contemporary ladies out there you can't beat a gorgeous teardrop crystal pair, our Jodie Earrings are our best-selling pair of all time.

Abigail Crystal and Silver Earrings
Abigail, Vintage style Earrings
Myrtle White Ceramic Floral Drop Earrings
Myrtle, White ceramic floral Earrings
Tulip Crystal Silver Art Deco Vintage Style Earrings
Tulip, Art deco style Earrings
Atalie Statement Crystal Earrings in Rose Gold
Atalie, Statement Crystal Earrings


If you are still unsure about your wedding jewellery options then feel free to contact us for a chat or book an appointment. We are here to help with expert advice.

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