Top 5 Most Original Proposal Ideas

This is a rare one - for the men !

We plan the wedding, we pick out the perfect ring, but how much time do we put into the proposal? Nowadays men are getting more creative and finding memorable and original marriage proposals for their brides-to-be.

1. Flash Mob
The latest craze, the flash mob, where a bunch of random looking people show up and perform a dance number, surprising all that are standing around. An original marriage proposal idea it can be, that is for sure. I'm not sure what it would take to get this together, but if you can find yourself an amateur dance group, then you might be able to pull this one off. Have the dancers all in a location acting like normal people, the couple walks into the location, be it the original first date location or a place of special significance, and the flash mob begins. I can see this working as a cute and fun original proposal, but not if you are the quiet type and most definatley if you're bride is shy.

2.Personalised sky signs.
One of the very first original marriage proposals I ever heard about was when a young man came home from travelling and proposed to his girlfriend by having a plane write "Will you marry me?' In the sky. Today, that may seem old-fashioned, but there is something simple and sweet about it, sitting on a red and white checkered blanket at a local winery, having a glass of wine and cheese, when the plane flies over. I still think there is charm and romance there that makes it a keeper on the top 5 original marriage proposal ideas. I will admit that these days you might have to go with a banner behind the plane instead of sky-writing, but still. This is the way to go for the classic, romantic at heart.


3. The Surprise
This most original marriage proposal idea is probably also the oldest and maybe the most seldom used today. The surprise. So many couples plan every detail of the wedding together, that the actual proposal is forgotten. The best one, take a large cardboard box, cut out the bottom, wrap like a present. Have some friends or family deliver it to her door, you are under the box, when she opens the present, you pop out and pop the question. Make sure to get someone stationed close to video the whole thing.

4. Nature
Using nature as the backdrop to your original marriage proposal idea is great, if that is something you enjoy together. If you spend time at the beach, then have a sandcastle or sand art on the beach created to say "Will you marry me?". If hiking is more your thing, take a mountain trail, and have an unexpected sign at the top of the trail for her.


5. Engraved Silverware
The most original marriage proposal I have ever seen, arrange to have 'Will you marry me?" engraved on the fork or knife. Then plan a private dinner for two, or maybe a family dinner, just make sure she gets the right place setting ! This tops them all, and a sentimental and lasting piece of silver keepsake you will have to remember it forever.

The most important part about all these original marriage proposal ideas is that if you tailor them to you as a couple, they will be the most original and most perfect proposals ever.

Back soon with more top tips !

J x

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