The most fascinating & extravagant celebrity weddings of 2013... so far.

If you are a social media mogul, worth $2 billion and count Sting as a close friend, you probably would not want a regular wedding in a nice little country Church tucked away somewhere. You will rather build an illegal Lord of the Rings inspired set and be fined $2.5 million while wearing an Ngila Dickson suit. That, in a nutshell, was ex-Facebook president Sean Parker’s wedding to long time girlfriend Alexandra Lenas. Celebrity weddings are usually more a show for the public than anything else and cost jaw dropping amounts of money. Celebs like their bling and they like being generous to their friends. Here are some recent celebrity nuptials and how they fared on the extravagance scale.

Photograghs by Christian Oth and Mark Seliger.

Sean Parker-Alexandra Lenas

Easily the most talked about wedding in the last year, the tabloids were buzzing over Parker’s $10 million extravaganza in Big Sur, California. Among the love struck billionaire’s wedding decorations was a ruin, a waterfall and a stone bridge, all artificially constructed to remodel the redwood forest into an enchanted land. Lenas’ exquisite gown was designed by Elie Saab, while Parker, the couple’s daughter Winter, and all the guests were dressed by Ngila Dickson, who made the Academy Award winning costumes for the LOTR movies. Unfortunately, Parker seemed to have forgotten that this was an ecologically sensitive area and that he needed permits to build anything there, and was slapped with a hefty fine. If he considers $2.5 million hefty that is.

Photographs by Splash News

Michael Jordan-Yvette Prieto

The most famous basketball player in the world tied the knot with his girlfriend of five years, model Yvette Prieto, in what was touted as the largest tent in wedding history.’ In fact, the tent was said to be 5,000 sq ft larger than Jordan’s home and was constructed on the well known golf course at the Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida. The tent was probably needed to house their 2,200 guests that included Tiger Woods and Usher, Cuban-American model Prieto sparkled in a silk J’Aton Couture gown with Swarovski crystals, and this wedding too reportedly cost upwards of $10 million.

Photographs by Murray Sanders

Keira Knightley-James Righton

Knightley clearly did not want any fuss on her wedding day, which is why the only visible extravagance we could see was her super cute Chanel dress, which was also rumored to be a repeat. She did not even splurge on heels, but instead donned a pair of ballet flats at the intimate ceremony in France. There were only 11 guests at the wedding and around 50 at the reception. While the exact cost of the wedding is not known, it is not difficult to guess that it was far less than $10 million. Knightley has been lauded for keeping it low key, despite having earned a whopping 1.5 million pounds in the last year.

Most of us want fairy tale weddings, assuming that guarantees us a happy ending. Unfortunately, love and good wishes do not seem to make for such weddings, fat checks do. Now that Parker and Jordan have upped the stakes and Knightley has rather thrown spanner in the works, one wonders which path the Brangelina wedding, if it ever happens will follow.

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