Wedding Hairband vs. Wedding Hair Comb, Which should I wear ?

This week we are going to tackle a question that we are often asked – should I wear a comb or a hairband? The first point is comfort, some women find hairbands can feel tight on the head so a comb is preferable and then secondly some feel they don’t have thick enough hair to hold a comb. There are solutions to both issues.

   The Ellen Comb          The Imelda Headband      The Carey Hairclip 



Firstly choose a hairband that is narrow – we only use 2mm flexible hairbands – so light you won’t know you’re wearing them. If you don’t like the look of a full hairband you can opt for a ribbon covered version so all you really see is the detail on the side/top. Hairbands can give a sense of security so you won’t have to worry every time someone hugs you !

 The Evita Hairband     The Alex Hairband     The Ria Hairband 


If you like the idea of a comb but are not sure you have enough hair we have found that hairdressers can make a setting for the comb to sit into – basically some backcombing and the right products will create a type of ‘nest’ effect to give your comb something to grip to.

Some great examples below:

The Cezanne Comb          The Nessa Comb                 The Mimosa 



Many of our hair accessories these days use alligator style clips to the back which are suitable for all hair types and grip particularly well. These can be very useful if you are planning to wear a veil and then later in the evening replace it with a hair accessory yourself.


The Meredith Hairclip   The Tessa Hair Clip    The Jessica Hair Clip 


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